Dôvera, one of the biggest insurance companies in Slovakia, started a project on helping both the patient and the doctor to better organize health care for diabetes. Our task was to design a web app through which specialists can share informations and co-operate on the treatment.


Lighting Beetle (Marek Šolc, Marek Minor)

My Role
Concept + UX & Design

Systematic Design

This app is based on a complicated system so we took a systematic approach. Instead of designing each screen separately we concentrated on designing the elements that the screens are made from and their relationships.

The Approach

The UI Kit contains all elements of the design.

Similar elements are placed next to each other so that each change is quick and easy.

The final design consists of elements.

Testing the Concept

After a couple of weeks of initial brainstorming, we created fully interactive wireframes. We immediately tested them with our target group – the doctors – to better understand their specific requirements and needs.

Iterations of a home screen concept based on feedback from Dôvera and doctors.

Doctors & Patients

The main idea of this app is that a patient’s diabetologist can assign different specialists to the patient’s profile and share all the relevant information between them.


The search is the main way how a user can find a patient.

Patient's Profile

When having an appointment with the patient, the doctor can access the patient's data in various sections.

Treatment Plan

A regularly updated list of actions the patient has to take to treat the illness.


An overiew of activities for users.

Event Detail

We used fullscreen tabs, so that the specialist can focus on each patient separately.


Specialists can schedule appointments with their patients or for their patients to visit different specialists. Our intention was to make the process as fast and simple as possible therefore the app always recommends the best options.

Type of a Visit

Specialist can choose from several basic types of a visit for various expertise. The default type of a visit is always the most common one.


After choosing the type of a visit, the app recommends the best doctor based on rating, location, connection to the patient and other factors.


When changing a doctor, the system automatically recommends the earliest possible appointment.


This way we ensure that the patient's contact details are always up to date.

This case study was published with the explicit approval of Dôvera, the largest private health insurance company in Slovakia.