Dibuk Saga

Dibuk Saga is the first Slovak e-reader and the first universal distribution platform of e-books for Slovak bookstores. I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and design something unusual. Designing the user interface for this e-reader felt like a dream (project) come true!

Slovak Telekom

Lighting Beetle (Juraj Blichár, Marek Minor)

My Role
UX & Design

E Ink Is The New Black

E Ink is a paper-like display technology, characterized by high brightness and contrast and a wide viewing angle.

The home screen mimics entering a bookstore.

The library offers a grid or a list view of book titles.

For more organized folks there is an option to put books in folders.

Changing the appearance is instant – the user can play with it and immediately see it change.


Since the user will spend most of their time using the e-reader for reading, the choice of fonts was one of the most important decisions for us.

Criteria For Choosing Fonts

  • Flexibility

    Diacritics and enough font styles for typographic use.

  • Readability

    The font weight is slightly thicker and the characters are easily recognizable.

  • Beauty

    The font has to be sexy.

  • Greek & Cyrillic

    The font has to be complete, including different alphabets.

  • Slovak Origin

    Although it wasn't a priority, we wanted to showcase local typeface designers.

Chosen Fonts

Greta Text

Contemporary serif, made by Slovak typeface designer Peter Biľak.


A font specifically designed for people with a reading disability.

Malabar eText

Sturdy serif specifically tailored for e-readers.

Baskerville eText

Delicate old-school serif specifically tailored for e-readers.


Friendly and modern sans-serif developed by Google.


Humanist sans-serif, addressing the challenges of on-screen display.

Friendly & Bold

From the beginning I wanted to create friendly and likeable icons with rounded corners. I made them especially simple since refreshing the book causes ghosting that can mess up intricate icon details.