Autoškola (means driving school in Slovak) is an app that prepares driving school students for their final tests. I’ve created this app prototype as part of my diploma thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2015.

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

My Role:
Concept + Design + Illustrations + Copy

Ján Šicko

The Messy Part

User interviews showed me that people learn purely by testing so my original intention of making an e-schoolbook turned into a testing app. I’ve spend endless hours with sketches, small prototypes and visual explorations.

The prototype app was built with Ionic – a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components, gestures and tools. You can see the prototype on Github.

I chose the icon that was not only a usual sign in Slovakia for driving schools, but also the most distinguishable from other icons on the home screen.

Tests, Tests, Tests

The basic part of the app is an official collection of driving school tests. In the list of tests the last score shows you your progress.

After answering a question you can see the explanation and learn the reasoning behind the answer.


Final Tests



You can check the questions you already know off of your learning list or pin the difficult ones to learn them later.

Learn & Earn

The trophies become visible only after earning them. They are unlocked by learning and serve as motivation to keep learning.


Traffic Commandements

1st Attempt

Sense Of Direction

Turn Left!

Expanding Horizons

6th Sense

Forbidden Fruit

Green Wave


All intersections were redesigned in a minimalistic fashion for better comprehension and faster learning.

Learning More

Individual rules of the road traffic are presented in the app as clear as possible, often with explanatory illustrations. These rules are split into smaller, more digestable chunks for easier reading.

Experiencing It Myself

To make this right, I’ve signed up for driving lessons. This decision allowed me to experience the pains and pleasures of every driving school student myself and helped me to focus on the important things.

Although it took three attempts I successfully passed the driving school exam with top score in the written part.